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From the bustling capital Bangkok to the mountainous charms of Chiang Mai and the Pearl of the Andaman, Phuket, the Kingdom of Smiles there is no end in superlatives of what Thailand can do and has done to those eager to re-visit this hospitable heart of South East Asia. It’s that tight connection to its Siamese past and Buddhist heritage that makes it simply amazing and to truly find everything under the sun.

The former Kingdom of Siam is truly blessed – with Buddhism reigning supreme, the Thai people have cared and caressed its strong affinity with the teachings of the Lord Buddha into its daily lives, earning the country its nickname ‘Land of Smiles’. Smiles aplenty in whatever direction you may point your compass needle to, knowing that whatever one craves for in a destination of tropical allure is present within its country borders.

The natural, cultural and historical affluence is a confirmation of the country’s ongoing popularity, suitable for all ages.

A great deal of Thailand's appeal is due to its geography. Thailand is blessed with two long, sinuous coastlines snaking their way down the gorgeous Andaman Sea and Gulf of Thailand. All that glitters is not just gold, but brilliant shades of azure and green accompanied by the swaying of palm trees amidst towering karst mountains and languid prismatic waters that make Thailand a tropical dream incarnate.